Etusivu Yritys Brief in english

Brief in english

Established in 1990, by the name of R. Laaksonen Oy, the company was mainly concentrated on irrigation supplies at the beginning. Company’s product range has expanded considerably from those days. Ownership changed in 2002 when the current MD Anssi Väättänen took over. And in 2010 company’s name was changed to AVAGRO Oy.

Today Avagro is specialized in machinery and equipment for vegetables, potatoes and berries, with sales over whole Finland. We are supported by first class manufacturers from e.g. Belgium, France, Holland, Israel, Italy, Spain and UK.

One of our core fields of business is still irrigation. We sell everything from individual components to tailor made complete solutions mainly for open land agriculture and horticulture, but also for greenhouses, turf and e.g. industrial purposes.

Our implement range covers tractor mounted and self-propelled tools, like seeding/drilling machines, transplanters, soil preparation machines, ground levellers, stone and clod separation systems, sprayers and harvesters. Also machines needed for crop grading, - processing, - packing and - storage are part of our wide product range.

In addition to machines and irrigation supplies we supply high quality plastic and biodegradable films for our clients, to be used as mulch, crop advancement film or green house film.

Our newest product group is liquid fertilizers. We supply also fertilizer spreaders for both liquid – and granular fertilizers. Fertilizer units can be fitted in different planting -, seeding - or other machines in our plant by our technicians.

In our production plant we manufacture some special machines for strawberry farming that go by the brand name Rapi. Also, we make restoring of our second hand machines, as well as service and maintenance on our customer’s account.

We are a dynamic team of 9 persons, fully committed to serve our customers to the maximum. Quality of our products and services, high level of knowhow and exactness in all our activities are the key issues we want to concentrate on.

We are located by the main road (8), 60 km north from the City of Turku, in the town of Laitila. We have also one local salesman near by the northern potato farming area on the West coast.

Our address:

Avagro Oy, Samppanummentie 6, 23800 Laitila, Finland

tel. +358 2 8583600

fax +358 2 853 601